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China 2008 Steel productions may drop to 480 million tonnes
China Iron & Steel Association estimates at the year start that China's steel production will rise steadily to 520 million tonnes in 2008. However, Mr Xu Lejiang chairman of Baosteel said that the production figure might drop to 480 million tonnes since most domestic steel mills have closed partial or whole of their capacity resulted from the moderating economic growth, export setback and the markedly diminishing steel demand in recent past months.

China's steel prices have experienced the most violent fluctuations this year, with the jumping steel prices turning around in the second half. Steel prices have fallen over CNY 2,000 per tonne on average from the peak level with some varieties' sales prices even breaking costs line.

Chinese mills generally cut production by 20% to 30% and plunged into losses. Mr Xu predicts the waning demand would help promote domestic steel consolidation, which is a good way to clear up the surplus capacity.

It said that steel mills' production disruption also forced global ore miners to clip output. And spot ore sitting at domestic ports has witnessed further price drop last week. FMG, the third biggest ore explorer in
Australia, announced to delay the full commissioning of its new project due to the US led economic recession, the second time within one month. Meanwhile, the world top ore producer Brazilian Vale and Cliff have also declared to trim production. It's widely expected that excessive supply would emerge in iron ore market in near future; therefore, more miners might join the production cutback club in days to come.

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